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  • We understand Grief

    No one understands my overwhelming sense
    of sadness and depression. I’m walking
    through life in a fog.

    The impact of losing your husband is indescribably painful,
    a feeling like you’ve never had before, and desperately want
    to move beyond…but can’t seem to find the wherewithal to do so.
    The W Connection’s unique outreach program and peer-to-peer
    support groups will connect you to a network of other women
    who can relate to your loss, sharing their experiences to help you
    through this very difficult time

  • help with Uncertainty

    Will I ever be whole again? What will become of me
    now that I have lost my life mate, my other half?

    Losing your spouse is devastating enough; now you have to face
    an uncertain future, even an uncertainly identity.
    Every aspect of your life is now different – from finances to
    childcare to career to your social life, to your emotional and
    physical well-being.

    The W Connection provides answers and suggestion through its
    referral services and online training programs.

  • Support for Widows

    My friends and family do so much,
    but I don’t want to become a burden.
    Who will truly understand enough
    to help me through this?

    Maybe friends and family are there for you
    but as time passes, they have to resume to their
    normal lives. But for you, there is no “normal.”
    The W Connection’s peer to peer support groups
    and its Advice Exchange provide the help and
    guidance you need.

  • Connect with other widows

    How do I start over? Is there a reboot
    button I can just click? Where will I
    find the people who will understand
    my unique needs?

    Your loss is different than everyone else’s.
    Finding other like-minded women might feel like
    the hardest thing to do. Through the W Connection
    you'll meet others who’ve been where you are.
    Your story will resonate with women ready
    to help you adapt to your new life.

  • Rebuild your life

    How will I ever rebuild my life? It feels like such
    as an insurmountable task.

    We had no choice about becoming widows but we do have a
    choice about how we live the rest of lives.
    Though we can’t go back to our old lives, by sharing our
    experiences with each other, we begin to feel open to the great
    possibilities ahead.
    The W Connection provides tools and techniques to help you
    rebuild your life and learn to live on your own.

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