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The W Connection and Northern California East Bay

Northern California…..one of the most beautiful places in the world. Sitting in the shadow of Mt. Diablo, close to the Pacific Ocean and the playground of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe in our backyard, we live in a wonderland here in the East Bay.

Long Island NY Chapter for Wconnection.org

As widows, carrying on without our husbands in this wonderland can often leave us feeling lonely. Remembering the walks on the beach while we had a husband’s hand to hold, hiking or biking the Mt. Diablo trails or spending a day on the slopes of Heavenly – it’s just not the same without our spouse.

Every widow faces the same challenges. That’s where The W Connection comes in. We are a community of widows who understand that although life is forever changed by the passing of our husbands, our lives must go forward. Wanting to build another kind of life for ourselves, we meet in community to support each other through the process.

Northern California East Bay Chapter Meetings:
WHEN: Fourth Monday of Every Month
TIME: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

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