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The suburban lifestyle was the dream you and your husband had – lots of space, peace and quiet, your own oasis of tranquility far from the madding city. Now that you're a widow, it's become a bit of a nightmare – so far to drive just for coffee or to the bank, plumbing and other homeowner problems, that vast lawn to mow. Even the malls feel like uninteresting wastelands. And the neighbors all seem so transient – here this year, gone next year. The good old days of the neighborhood coffee klatch are gone, and no amount of text messaging makes you feel close to anyone.

Long Island NY Chapter for Wconnection.org

With couples you socialized with for years, now you feel like the fifth wheel. Suddenly you're not getting invited to those lovely barbeques you and your husband used to love. It hurts to be excluded, even if you'd feel awkward to go.

This is where the W Connection's Long Island chapters can help connect you to people who care, who have had the same experience and who will help remind you why you chose this lifestyle.

Central Suffolk (Riverhead) Chapter Meetings:

On temporary hold.
Seeking a new chapter leader.

The Hamptons Chapter Meetings:
WHEN: First Monday of Every Month
TIME: 4:30 – 6:00pm

Nassau Chapter Meetings:
WHEN: Third Wednesday of Every Month
TIME: 6:30 - 8:00pm

For more information on chapters:
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