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The W Connection and Westchester County, NY

Think of the Westchester suburbs and you will likely think of natural beauty. You will also likely think of intact families with a mother, a father, and a couple of children, living in a good school district. Perhaps, if you're older, you and your spouse were enjoying being empty nesters and you downsized to a townhouse. Or perhaps you are growing older in place, living for decades in the large home where you raised your children. In any of these living situations, now that you are a widow, you probably feel "different" from others, more isolated and alone.

Long Island NY Chapter for Wconnection.org

While many women have long established friendships and family, they quickly discover that widowhood creates a different kind of sisterhood that can be understood only by those you have gone through it, or are currently going through it.

This is where the W Connection's Mid-Westchester chapter comes in. Members of this chapter will know deeply what you're experiencing and what you're talking about. Through the W Connection, you will find a small community of widows who are learning to adjust to living in a suburban setting without their life partners. We invite you to join us.

MID-Westchester Chapter Meetings:
WHEN: Last Wednesday of every Month
TIME: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

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