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Widowhood can be very lonely, but you don't have to go through it alone.

Most of our friends and family have the best intentions and want to be supportive, but unless they too have been widowed, they will never grasp the depth of your feelings.

Find a Wconnection Chapter near you and other widows.

Who does get it? Other widows who have stories and experiences to share. Other widows who care deeply and can provide hope during a very dark period. They have been there too.

You can attend a W Connection chapter regardless of where you live. We have a growing number of W Connection chapters that are based in local communities and are led by other widows. We also have online virtual chapters for those widows seeking support in areas where we do not yet have in person chapter meetings These are also run by widows. These peer-led chapter meetings are a place where widows meet to discuss the topics and issues that will help them move forward. Each month members select a new subject for discussion, sharing their experiences and their perspectives. Topics are selected based on each group's interests and needs. Such subjects include: coping strategies, negotiating the many “firsts” of our new lives, building new relationships, keeping memories alive for children, getting through the holidays, adjusting to our new identities, and other strategies for rebuilding.

Today, we have 8 chapters with several more underdevelopment. Chapters are located in New York City, Long Island, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Westchester, California. Oregon.