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At Wconnection, diversity is key.

Giving That Gives Back

The W Connection works hard to serve our very special community with a lot of TLC. Being there for widows is especially important since many social service agencies, hospitals and hospice groups that might offer support are experiencing budget cutbacks. The W Connection helps women rebuild their lives for as long as they need us. For those reasons, we’re working harder than ever to raise the funding to back our programs and services, pursuing public and private grants and charitable foundation support. In addition, in the same way that the W Connection looks to its own for emotional support, we also look to those among us who can help us financially so we can continue to fulfill our mission. For example, we actively seek corporate sponsorship and the generosity of individuals.

Here are a few good reasons we ask for your help to enable some of these efforts:

Outreach into the community.

Letting widows, their families, loved ones and other friends and service providers know about us and reap the benefit of our collective wisdom is part of our mission.

Public awareness campaigns.

Offering information, data and research that apprises the community at large as well as social service providers in particular of widows’ needs – emotional and otherwise – will help all know where to aim their support efforts.

Recruitment and training.

The sad fact is as long as there will continue to be widows, there will continue to be the need to prepare volunteer widows who have the leadership skills and passion to build W chapters within their local communities.

Website outreach.

The Internet is a vital link in this day and age. Our website serves as the friend to share a cup of coffee with when you can’t reach someone nearby directly. Building as vibrant and interactive a site as possible, making it a one-stop information and resource center needs your support.

No gift is too small. Please send a check to:
The W Connection
100 West 93rd Street, New York, NY 10025
Suite 27J

PayPal customers can support the W Connection by making a donation from their PayPal accounts.
Donations will help us to provide services and programs to fulfill our mission.

For general questions: info@wconnection.org

For questions about donating to or sponsoring the W Connection: donate@wconnection.org, or call 1-800-425-0675