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What Makes The W Connection Unique?

support beyond bereavement

We’ve been there.

The W Connection provides peer-to-peer emotional support from women of all ages who understand what it means to lose a spouse. This network provides the personal experience, as well as access to proven outside resources that help navigate your loss.

We support women of all ages and at all stages of loss.

The loss of a spouse affects women at all stages of life. From young mothers to seniors, each of us has her own issues. The W Connection works because our members are widows of all ages, each bringing their own unique experience in support of widows. And, we are with you for as long and as often as you need us.

We offer support beyond bereavement.

The loss of a spouse affects you on many levels. You are dealing with the tremendous emotional pain of loss and at the same time having to rebuild your life. You may be raising children, managing finances and juggling tasks you may have not have handled or were once shared with your spouse. We believe knowledge is power, and with a network of emotional support, the W Connection offers information, training, and resources to help you get control of your life so you can rebuild and begin to live again.