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W TransitionQuest ©

(In Development)

As widows we all know that when you lose your spouse you also lose a way of life.

about the loss of a husband and father

W TransitionQuest© is designed to help widows come to terms with this reality and to equip them to face one of the biggest transitions in their lives. This workshop focuses on helping them assess their strengths and desires, and provides tools and frameworks to help them make good and practical decisions about rebuilding their lives. While our friends and family go back to” normal “there is no normal for us. This is really the hard work. And, as with our grief, there is no playbook.

Through lots of lively discussion and hands on exercises,
we will focus on the 6 E’s:

  •   Explore – what are your possibilities for change?
  •   Experiment – how can you learn what is a good fit for you?
  •   Expand – how can you build a strong network of people around you?
  •   Explain – what is the story you tell others while in transition?
  •   Execute – make your plan a reality
  •   Evaluate- did you meet your goals?

REMEMBER: Though we had no choice about becoming widowed, we definitely have choices about how we want to live the rest of our lives.

For more information, please email info@wconnection.org