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Programs and Services

When you lose your spouse, you lose an entire way of life. A life that was built for two must now be lived by one. Our programs are designed to provide you with the emotional support you need to cope with your bereavement and the information and training you need to rebuild your life.
All programs are designed specifically for widows by widows. Programs are delivered in three ways providing easy access and allowing you to choose the methods best suited for your needs:

widows supporting other widows as they rebuild their lives

Resource Access

The W Connection’s referral service and dynamic website offers access to important resources such as The Widow’s Survival Kit and The W Connection Resource Directory. Since members can recommend and rate these services based on their personal experiences, you can make your own decisions about what will work for you. In addition to referrals, you can access tutorials that help you understand the legal, financial and daily living challenges you now face.

One-on-one peer support

One-on-one peer support is provided though the FirstConnect Outreach Program and Peer Mentor programs. A one on one connection, widow to widow, that is a life line that helps newly widowed women navigate the enormous challenges they now face.

Group support

Group support is available to you through our community-based W Connection chapters. Via monthly meetings dedicated to topics of interest to widows, you have opportunities to discuss issues in your new life with women who are navigating their own loss.