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The W Connection Peer Mentor Program

What is a Peer Mentor?

Peer mentors are volunteer widows who are “more experienced” widows (i.e. have been widowed for a period of time) and have made/are making a satisfactory adjustment to their new life. They are prepared to openly discuss, on a one to one basis, problems the newly widowed woman faces. Using their own experience as widows, Peer Mentors offer the newly bereaved widow an opportunity to get support while coping with their grief and as they begin to rebuild their lives.

The Peer Mentor Program is founded on the principle of widows helping widows through a shared experience. Therefore, when we match women who want to be mentored with a mentor, our goal is to match them as closely as possible. It is this shared connection that makes the program work.

Wconnection for widows outreach, peer and mentor opportunities

How does a Peer Mentor help a new widow?

  • She acts as a role model
  • She brings the new widow different perspectives,
    hope and understanding.
  • She shares resources available in the local community
  • Research has shown that significant help can come from someone who has survived a similar experience and is willing to share
    the trauma of another.

Why might a new widow want a Peer Mentor?

  • Developing a relationship with a Peer Mentor assures the new widow that there is at least one person who understands her situation
    fully and cares.
  • A Peer Mentor is a person a new widow can turn to without embarrassment when fears, doubts, questions, or problems arise.
  • The Peer Mentor gives the new widow an understanding sympathetic friend during a time when one is needed the most
  • Peer Mentors also serve as a bridge for the widow by introducing her to other widows thereby strengthening her support network.

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